Women’s 2-Ply Reusable Embroidered Mask- Pack of 1


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Women’s 3-Ply Reusable Embroidered Mask  – Pack of 1

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Fashion essential for each one of us irrespective of gender, colour or size! Mask is no more a fashion accessory of few but an essential for all. In light of the current health and safety situation arising due to sudden outbreak of harmful germs, all of us will need to take additional care of our respiratory body parts. These colourful embroidered Face Masks are made of soft comfortable feel fabric and are specially designed to fit all face types. The masks for face has a unique construction which provides a stylish look covering entire nose to the chin and is extremely comfortable to wear for long hours as it lets air pass through all sides and the fabric is also breathable. These are face mask for pollution which ensures that neither any harmful droplets absorb inside nor any droplet passes out. The outer surface is hydrophobic and it repels droplets. it is a cotton mask for face reusable & washable.


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