Vizo Clavo Nail Cuticle Remover Pink 500 ML


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Vizo Clavo Nail Cuticle Remover Pink 500 ML

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VIZO Nail Cuticle Removes with its unique formula is ideal to remove excess cuticles and dead skin. It is enriched with Vitamin E due to its antioxidant properties. Flammable product – keep away from heat and sources of flame or direct sunlight. Please ensure bottle is void of content before disposing



For more than 10 years, VIZO has devoted its capabilities, efforts, and know-how with a sole vision in mind: to enrich the world of beauty with innovative products catering to both men and women alike, while taking into account cultural diversity and geographical preferences. Vizo hair treatment cream with Keratin to nourish & strengthen hair roots enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5. Nurtures the hair from the roots to ends, prevents hair splitting, make the hair grow healthier, enhances its natural shine and gives the hair natural volume. Vizo Skin Care Products have been specially developed to offer a full range of solutions to diverse skin types. Whether you are looking for naturally derived exfoliants or moisturising products –Vizo Skin care Products comprise of carefully selected ingredients blending the best of what technology has to offer with the best of what nature has to give.


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