Skin Doctor Collagen Anti-Wrinkle 30Ml


Skin Doctor Collagen Anti-Wrinkle 30Ml

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  • The product can effectively replenish and lock water for water-deficient skin. At the same time , it can prevent the loss of water and make the water-deficient skin replenish water and moist immediately.
  • For damaged skin: care for sensitive skin and strengthen skin protection mechanism. The ability to retain moisture in the cuticle is reduced, damaged skin needs a lot of water to replenish, it can provide a lot of moisture to the skin, so that the skin gets sufficient moisture and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.
  • For mature skin: fight skin aging, smooth fine lines, and restore your youthful and compact skin.

How to use:

Apply serum and massage gently in the face and neck, focusing on the problem areas.


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