Skeyndor  Clear Balance Spot-Less Patch 2*12pcs


Skeyndor  Clear Balance Spot-Less Patch 2*12pcs

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Skeyndor  Clear Balance Spot-Less Patch, an anti-impurity patch for occasional use. Its sustained release patch format allows it to focus the efficacy of its active ingredients, accelerating the disappearance of blemishes once and for all. Includes 2×12 patches.



  • SKEYNDOR is 100% Spanish based in Barcelona.
  • “SKEYNDOR The Scientific Cosmetics” concept with scientifically proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.
  • Advanced anti-age face treatments and preventive treatments (Skin Oxygen, Antioxidant).
  • Brightening treatments (Power C+)
  •  Renovating treatments (Power Retinol, Dermapeel);
  • Skin blemish prevention treatments (Urban White);
  • Oily skin treatments (Clear Balance);
  • Essential care treatments (Essential),
  • Sensitive skin treatments (Aquatherm)
  • Moisturising treatments (Power Hyaluronic).
  • Body Sculpt and Spa Senses.
  • SKEYNDOR has received the Best Anti-Age Line of the Year Award of the Asia Spa Awards


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