Skeyndor Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam 150ML


Skeyndor Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam 150ML

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Skeyndor Clear Balance Pure Cleansing Foam, is a cleansing mousse formulated for daily use with excess sebum. Its formula penetrates the pores by unclogging them and eliminating the scrub to avoid the appearance of new blackheads. It helps to improve and soften the skin texture, reducing the appearance of pores and marks created by imperfections.



  • SKEYNDOR is 100% Spanish based in Barcelona.
  • “SKEYNDOR The Scientific Cosmetics” concept with scientifically proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.
  • Advanced anti-age face treatments and preventive treatments (Skin Oxygen, Antioxidant).
  • Brightening treatments (Power C+)
  •  Renovating treatments (Power Retinol, Dermapeel);
  • Skin blemish prevention treatments (Urban White);
  • Oily skin treatments (Clear Balance);
  • Essential care treatments (Essential),
  • Sensitive skin treatments (Aquatherm)
  • Moisturising treatments (Power Hyaluronic).
  • Body Sculpt and Spa Senses.
  • SKEYNDOR has received the Best Anti-Age Line of the Year Award of the Asia Spa Awards


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