Skeyndor Aquatherm SOS Anti-Redness Serum 30ML


Skeyndor Aquatherm SOS Anti-Redness Serum 30ML

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Skeyndor Aquatherm S.O.S Anti-Redness-Balsamic serum that provides freshness and immediate relief for tightness and redness in sensitive skin types. Enriched with plant extracts that improve the appearance of couperose and redness. Its complete formulation strengthens and promotes the normalisation of reactive skin. Suitable for counteracting any irritations, which can be caused through general cleansing.

This serum is suitable for any skin type, particularly sensitive skins.

Thermal water, Probiotic oligosaccharides, Perfluorocarbons, Plant extracts for the treatment of redness and couperose.

After cleansing the skin, apply a small amount of product all over face. For mild congested skin apply the product as a serum. For intensely congested skin apply a larger amount and then use Bi Zone Soft mask.



  • SKEYNDOR is 100% Spanish based in Barcelona.
  • “SKEYNDOR The Scientific Cosmetics” concept with scientifically proven results endorsed by efficacy studies.
  • Advanced anti-age face treatments and preventive treatments (Skin Oxygen, Antioxidant).
  • Brightening treatments (Power C+)
  •  Renovating treatments (Power Retinol, Dermapeel);
  • Skin blemish prevention treatments (Urban White);
  • Oily skin treatments (Clear Balance);
  • Essential care treatments (Essential),
  • Sensitive skin treatments (Aquatherm)
  • Moisturising treatments (Power Hyaluronic).
  • Body Sculpt and Spa Senses.
  • SKEYNDOR has received the Best Anti-Age Line of the Year Award of the Asia Spa Awards


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