Purederm Skin Brightening Mud Sheet Mask – Pink Clay 15g


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Purederm Skin Brightening Mud Sheet Mask – Pink Clay 15g

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Purederm Skin Brightening Mud Sheet Mask “Pink Clay” combines the purifying benefits of mud with the convenience of sheet mask.

Pink Clay helps draw out toxins and brighten dull skin reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone.

From now on, do not bother applying mud to your hands but keep your skin bright with our simple Mud Sheet Mask.





Purederm is a Korean brand and offers one of the largest varieties of affordable cleansing, moisturising, anti-ageing and nourishing face masks for all skin types and for all ages. Established in 2002, the Purederm brand quickly became synonymous with beautiful, natural and healthy life. Purederm is a part of Adwin Korea Group, which are known for the high quality, convenient packaging and affordability of their products.
The Purederm cosmetic lines include a number of masks inspired by nature and natural fruit and herb extracts. They include collagen masks with lavender, green tea, aloe, chamomile, chocolate, cucumber, Q10, ginseng and arbutin, oxygen masks with blueberries, peach, olive, coconut, shea butter, strawberries, yogurt, pomegranate and many others.


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