Mavala Mava-White Nail Whitener 10 ml, Pack Of 1


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Mavala Mava-White Nail Whitener 10 ml, Pack Of 1

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  • Daily care for freshness and immediate benefit, Natural and Healthy Look improves your interactions with a well groomed nail.
  • Toxic free & Breathable, Hides Yellow Nails and Stains, Softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles effectively
  • Ideal Pedicure Preparation, Suitable for Men and Women gives a pleasant finish and even surface.
  • Stimulates Growth and Brings Beauty on
  • Optical nail whitener Various external factors color pigments, nicotine can stain, yellow or make your nails look dull. The innovative formulation of Mava-White hides the unsightly aspect of stained, dull nails, while giving them a natural and healthy look.
  • It is an optical color perfecter for the nails thanks to specific pigments that react to UV light. When used under a nail polish, the shade does not change visually. Thanks to matt finish when used on its own, Mava-White may also be used by men whose nails have been stained or yellowed, perhaps due to nicotine, and who are concerned about the appearance of their nails.
  • Directions of Use:
  • For a matt effect, apply Mava-White on its own on bare nails.
  • For a longer hold and shiny effect, apply a base coat before Mava-White and a top coat after.
  • For a luminous nail polish shade which is not distorted by yellow nails, put Mava-White on after a base and before nail polish and top coat.



MAVALA IS A PHILOSOPHY DEDICATED TO CARE AND BEAUTY. Throughout the world and for more than 60 years, the name MAVALA has become synonymous with quality cosmetics thanks to their specific and high performing care and beauty products, concentrating their efforts on innovation and the search for perfection. All their products are developed and manufactured in their scientific laboratories in Geneva (Switzerland), in conformity with the most rigorous quality standards and regulations. MAVALA CARES The brand MAVALA cares about the planet. They source their ingredients and raw materials from the nearest suppliers in Switzerland to reduce carbon footprint. Whenever possible, their products are packaged without a box to reduce waste and manufacture under cold conditions to reduce energy consumption. They also increasingly use ingredients that are readily biodegradable. In particular, the brand does not use plastic micro beads which contribute to ocean pollution. MAVALA is 100% cruelty free and do not test any of their ingredients or products on animals.


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