LeSoie Spa Tresor Rosemary Massage Oil


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LeSoie Spa Tresor Rosemary Massage Oil

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Spa Tresor Rosemary Massage Oil is a highly combination of natural oils and essential oils . It contains no colorant and no mineral oil. It is an ideal massage oil for a long energizing massage.

Scent Description:

Spa Tresor Massage Oil Rosemary is fragranced with a rosemary scent. Complete top, middle and base notes of fresh aromatic rosemary.



LeSoie comes from the heart of Europe – the Kingdom of Belgium. All LeSoie products are manufactured in a small town, close to the French, Walloon and Flemish borders. The brand uses only natural ingredients – their cosmetics aren’t tested on animals and are safe for the environment. The soaps – Mon Savon – are all made entirely by hand, and the brand is dedicated to keeping manufacturing as close to traditional, natural methods. Their products are not only safe and good for the body, but are beautifully designed and functional. LeSoie goes beyond being environmentally friendly – LeSoie brings a multi sensual experience to the bathroom.


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