HUDA BEAUTY Legit Lashes Mascara( 2 x 3.5ml )


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HUDA BEAUTY Legit Lashes Mascara( 2 x 3.5ml )

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Bringing the impact of her world-worshipped false lashes to one sleek tube, Huda’s first-ever mascara is here!

This dual-ended Legit Lashes Mascara layers your lashes with long-lasting, ultra-black pigment as it delivers clump-free volume, curl and length for ultra-full, fluttery lashes.

With a different wand and lash-boosting formula on each end, you can use both for maximum definition or either one to tailor your lash effect – believe us, both ends hold their own.

If you’re after dramatic volume and unbelievable lift, the ‘Volume’ side is the way to go; it has an hourglass-shaped wand to fan each lash and low-gravity fibres to weightlessly thicken your hairs.

Whereas, the delicately curved ‘Curl & Length’ end is designed to reach even your teeniest lashes: clinging to your side and bottom hairs effortlessly.

It has gripping waxes and fibres to effortlessly elongate and boost curl for uber-defined lashes.

How to use:

ach side can be used independently or combined together for ultimate lash enhancement.

HUDA’S HACK: use the “Volume” side first before layering on the “Curl & Length” side for the ultimate lashes!

Build volume first using the “Volume” side. Layer until the desired result is achieved.

Add a few coats of the “Curl & Length” side for extended drama. For best results, apply both layers before the product dries on your lashes.

Coat your bottom lashes with “Curl & Length” for a natural and fluttery look



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