Daily Life Forever52 Two Way Cake A007 Saga


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Daily Life Forever52 Two Way Cake A007 Saga

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This Two Way Cake from Daily Life Forever52 is for your skin that likes to breathe.

Presenting the all new Daily Life Forever52 Skin Care Two Way Cake, to solve all your oily skin problems. It is sure to give you a healthy and matte look, along with protection from harsh sun rays. A must have for the season; this Satin Skin Powder is a boon for oily skin people.

It gives you the dream matte finish that you desire, at the same time making your skin glow from within. Its lightweight formula imparts a soft, smooth finish. The long-lasting formula keeps your face fresh for hours and the excellent coverage minimizes your minor imperfections. This season, go satin matte!


  • Double creamy formula
  • Provides a non cakey and oil free finish
  • long-lasting formula
  • Water-resistant
  • Offers an excellent coverage
  • Grants a uniform skin tone


Dab the powder all over your face with the provided sponge applicator in the product. Blend it in smaller circular motion for an even coverage


Daily Life Forever52

Forever 52. It is not just about selling beauty products; it is about creating high quality makeup without side effects. This is the aim of the leading Online Make up shopping store Daily Life Forever52, which started in the United Arab Emirates and has expanded to more than 25 countries all over the world.


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