Bourjois Paris Velvet Lip Ink Liquid Lipstick 17 Grenad-Dict


Bourjois Paris Velvet Lip Ink Liquid Lipstick 17 Grenad-Dict

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A fantastic liquid ink matte lipstick that will give you the most intense colors with a long-lasting finish and maximum precision!

A premium lipstick with a longer-lasting formula and a more intense color.

Comfort feeling and velvet finish.

Tattoo and transferproof effect up to 24H.

Fine and super precise applicator to outline and fill.


Bourjois Paris

OUR INSPIRATION--PARISIAN WOMEN As a Parisian brand, Bourjois is inspired by the "je ne sais quoi" that makes Parisiennes so special. We gift every woman the Parisian secret of effortless but chic beauty. The brand focuses on makeup and further refines its formulas to bring the best quality products to the market. They attract a young clientele, who succumbs to the latest innovations…the faithful Red Lipstick and the waterproof mascara…. Bourjois is present in about 78 countries. The brand continues to empower women to discover effortless Parisian beauty.


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