Topface Boost Effect Volume Mascara PT308-A


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Topface Boost Effect Volume Mascara PT308-A

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Specially developed mascara for thin and short lashes to look longer and voluminous. Separates the lashes with its special brush without any sticking, creates perfectly long and attractive eyelashes.Thanks to its formulation ,gives the lashes more volume.



Based on the principle of “maximum quality-optimum price”, Malva Kozmetik from Turkey entered the world cosmetics industry in 2011 with the accumulation of rich and diverse experiences in the cosmetics industry.
The Brand Topface,one of its leading brands,boasts of premium quality cosmetic products such as nail polish, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, blush, powder, foundation and lip gloss.
In accordance with the principle of ” maximum quality-optimum price “, the most important factor in terms of customer satisfaction for this brand is “quality”.
Every woman is beautiful! .Topface Cosmetics promises extraordinary results with its quality products designed to reveal beauty.


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